Why can geckos
walk on the wall

fall to the ceiling?

running on the ceiling?

sleeping on the ceiling?

To find the riddle‘s solution the animals have to be observed in their natural environment and examined by state-of-the-art technology.

Why are they able to do that?

Tiny nanohair on their feet help geckos to build up mechanical grip on extremely smooth surfaces and to defy gravity. Nature often uses this technique of adhesive power; insects too make use of it. Geckos, however, are the champions in their class.

Geckos even run headlong on glass panes thanks to the perfect adhesion of billions of fine hair (spatulae; ca. 200 nanometer wide and long) on their footpads, thus making use of the Van der Waals forces.

Amongst all animal species which have been examined so far, geckos have the highest number of spatulae per unit area.

The geckos‘ trick is a
fascinating solution of nature

Rohi has orientated itself according to nature for quite some time. Thus, we have succeeded in developing a new slip resistant system that imitates the properties of geckos.