SensFoot, the company’s headquarter is in Busan, South Korea, that mainly produced professional sports insoles and shoe accessories in the early days.

One day in the early summer of 1993, the president KIM SANG WEON, who married at a late age, took care of his wife who had been pregnant for eight months and their long-awaited baby, ready to go downstairs to the hospital for regular checkups.

South Korea was in the rainy season in June, and the cleaning woman was working hard to dry the slippery marble floor. Unexpectedly, when President Kim went out of the elevator, he slipped to the ground immediately. Suddenly, the time was just like freezing. The cleaning woman was thrown into panic. Mrs. Kim was so petrified with fear and started crying. President Kim was so frightened, too. He picked himself up and intended to blame the cleaning woman, but he didn’t. Instead, he thanked God for letting him step out of the elevator earlier. Otherwise, it would cause a serious consequence that he could not imagine.

After this incident, President Kim began to work hard on the technology of slip-resistant shoes. The objective is to help pregnant and elderly from falling and even losing their precious life due to the wet floor. After countless years of research & development without caring about the cost, we are proud to introduce the first generation of the ultra-anti-slip sole, Ultra Grip 3, for the SensFoot.

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