”ひより” is a word in Japanese, which means good weather, warm and comfortable, and the smell is fragrant. This is also a beautiful word for perception. President KOBAYASHI recalled that he worked in several food-processing factories for a long time when he was young. At that time, the ventilation device of the factory was generally very simple, that caused so many operators had been working in high temperature, humid heat, and unventilated environment for a long time, and they wore cheap sanitary boots with poor quality. So that they not only had to endure the sweat and foot odor of themselves and their colleagues every day but also caused fungal infection on the feet and suffer from eczema and athlete’s foot that are difficult to cure.

“In order to achieve true food hygiene, we should not only require the use of fresh ingredients and aseptic cooking but also be strict with food workers to be hygienically cleaned from head to toe!”

With this in mind, President KOBAYASHI and Rohi International Inc work together to make a pair of anti-slip sanitary boots that are truly anti-bacterial, comfortable and super oil-resistant for food industries operators all over Japan and even the world.

Because of this, all HIYORI slip-resistance sanitary boots are manufactured with the Japanese high industrial standard (JIS). With strict quality inspection, each pair of boots comes with long-acting anti-bacterial deodorizing lining, that such inner lining has the properties of ultra-oil-proof, acid-resistance and anti-abrasion. The sole has even achieved beyond the average level of the coefficient of friction (0.28) in the Japanese industry standard.

As a result of the persistence of President KOBAYASHI, and the consummate crafts of the work team, we are very proud of the superior quality of HIYORI anti-slip sanitary boots, which also represents the cherish, value and responsibility to our customers.

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