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KONGO #878

KONGO #878 is the slip-resistant boots, significantly reduce the potential to slip on water, oil or soap. Specifically designed for professionals in the foodservice industries.

In order to improve the comfort and safety of our work, enjoy long-lasting comfort with the lightweight work shoes from HIYORI. We recommend KONGO #878!

  • ✅ Slip Resistant PVC Outsole
  • ✅ Super Oil Resistant
  • ✅ Non-Toxic PVC Material Upper
  • ✅ Water Proof
  • ✅ Anti-Bacteria Fiber Inner
  • ✅ Acid & Alkali Proof
  • ✅ Removable Comfort Insole
  • ✅ Low-Temperature Resistance
  • ✅ Prevention of High-Temperature Steam
  • ✅ Strong Anti-slip Effect in the Freezer
  • ✅ Compression resistance under a maximum load of 15kN
  • ✅ Impact resistance up to 200 Joules
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KONGO #878

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EN 12568 Composite Toe Cap Protection