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Involves 400 experts in the industry.
The cost increases by 50%.
The anti-slip efficacy will improve by 2.5 folds.

Do you know? For every pair of shoes, from material preparation, production, quality control, packaging, and shipping to finally arrive at your footstep, it at least requires 400 personnel involved in the process for such achievement. The most difficult and complicated step of “shoemaking (shoe-shaping)” in the production process relies on an average of 40 personnel. To achieve and maintain the highest slip-resistance standard, we use materials and manufacturing techniques, different from other regular popular shoes for the slip-resistant outsole. Thus, it requires an additional 50% in cost and labor to accomplish such a difficult task. The reason for our product’s superior performance in slip-resistant prevention by at least 2.5 times that of other competitors is because we have incorporated different areas of expertise to make it possible. For example, the properties of the material such as rubber, the exclusive formulation of chemical polymers, the clever adoption of principle on physical friction coefficient, the mimics of biological sole pattern and advanced precision molding by laser, have all helped in the process.


Our products have the highest coefficient of friction in the industry, which is as high as 0.70.

The patent outsole design on the rubber, not only increases the friction with the ground for each pair of shoes but also effectively directs any grease or liquid away from the outsole surface through the grooves. The special compound of the outsole can easily break apart the outer film of liquid or grease to allow the outsole of the shoe to firmly grip any rough medium on the ground to achieve an amazing anti-slip effect. With such technology and formulation, even for ordinary PVC material, we can easily achieve the coefficient of friction of 0.36. (The Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) stipulates a standard of the coefficient of friction above 0.20 as having the “anti-slip” effect for any pair of shoes)

With our superior slip-resistant rubber outsole, our product can completely prevent any danger from the wet ground for our customer and significantly improve the safety level at the workplace.


Rohi owns two professional brands to help every type of professionals to wear proper shoes to work safely in the field.


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