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Slipping, tripping and falling no longer exists as nightmare and now, it is preventable! We try hard to promote the concept of “wearing correct shoes” in a wet-floor environment. We believe that as long as the customer wears our products, regardless of the type of spill (either as grease or liquid) on the floor, it will pose no threat to the individual. It also means that our customers can pay more attention to the task at hand, as it helps to improve work efficiency, increase profitability and reduce occupational compensation.

Rohi envisions itself as the top global provider of the best safe, slip-resistance shoes, by giving each customer the truly effective product against the slippery ground and combating every possible scenario of the wet floor. Simply put, rest assure to place personal safety in regard with walking in our hands that every step is guaranteed with stability with the use of our product, that our customer can safely return home from a day of work.

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Coefficient of Friction up to 0.70 (Best in the world)

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